Cyprus - A Tax Heaven

The following together with many other facts and developments, have encouraged international companies to establish a base, and even more, to actually be established themselves in the Republic of Cyprus from where they can conduct their international businesses:

  • The low corporation tax rate of 12.5%, one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the world.
  • The exemption from tax of foreign dividends and profits from permanent establishments abroad.
  • The abolition of withholding taxes on dividends and interest payable to non-Cyprus tax residents.
  • The management and control concept used to determine the residence status of companies.
  • The variety of treaties between Cyprus and other countries.
  • Cyprus a member of the European Union.
  • The beautiful, easy and secure life in general of the people leaving on the island, for both locals and foreigners.
  • One of the best telecommunication services in the world, including fast internet facilities that connect individuals as well as enterprises to the rest of the world.
  • The drastic improvement in the competitiveness of the local University and colleges that attract thousands of foreign students on the island every year.
  • Cyprus modern, strong and reliable Banking system.
  • The ideal geographic position of the island.


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