Advanced Electronic Managerial Techniques (AEMTs)

Yiannis Kyriakides, Chartered Accountants are worldwide leaders in what is called “Advanced Electronic Managerial Techniques (AEMTs).

Given our advanced experience in computer programming, we give our clients the option of using our qualified accountants and auditors maintain or monitor their accounting & managerial books and records, straight from our offices in Cyprus. These books and records could physically be situated and readily accessible in their own premises anywhere in the world.

For those clients that choose to take full advantage of our AEMTs services we can monitor and audit all critical client transactions and those of their personnel in REAL TIME.  Our clients do not need to wait for the ordinary audit visits to discover errors and irregularities, as critical transactions are monitored and reported on a daily basis, straight to management accompanied with recommendations that can improve security, accuracy, completeness and reliability of financial and other information of vital importance to management.

All this in Real Time.


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